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AtS prequel 2.5-2.6 (because Cangel)

2.5 Reptile Boy

David Greenwalt: I listened to his commentary and he really loves CC. It’s also cute how he often mentions AtS.
“I’m creditalious!”
“Angel is a dark broody guy and Cordelia is bright, sunny, gigantic smile girl and they are funny together”
Aww <3
Cordelia: Cordy’s fake laugh is ridiculous.
B: I don’t want to meet any frat boys.
C: And if there was a God, don’t you think he’d keep it that way?

  • I have way too many thoughts about that line. Considering her later feminist rant about religion and atheism, maybe she was an atheist, agnostic or nontheist or something? I know it probably means nothing and just her being her slightly melodramatic teenage self but I can’t help but wonder a bit.

C: Think of all the poor people I could help with my money!
Cordelia vs Xander: X: You’ve slept with the whole male population (of Sunnydale) and now have to move on to aliens.
C: You’ll grow up to become a pizza delivery man.
-the difference between how they react to these insults and the nature of the insults is very telling. Xander is really upset about that (or maybe it was some other insult fest) while Cordy takes it in stride. They both say horrible things to each other but only Cordy is ever called out on her words by fandom and by the show. Damn, this ship is gross.

B: I’ve been having lots of sexy dreams about Angel! And I think about him a lot.
W: You guys are perfect for each other!

  • Say what you will about Lorne and Fred and Pylean words but at least they had a lot more evidence about ‘you’re great for each other’ than ‘you have sexy dreams about him!’ One of Willow’s more annoying roles is the in show B/A shipper.

B: Angel barely says 2 words to me. When he does, he treats me like I’m a kid.
-no commentary necessary
-Angel is really, really reluctant to get into this relationship. He’s well aware that it’s a disaster waiting to happen and he does want that. Yes, he has romantic feelings for her and vice versa. But Angel still knows it’s a bad idea. But Buffy is a teenager  and Angel and emotional idiot so a stupid rant from another teenager is somehow enough to change Angel’s mind about no non-relationship caffeinated drinks. I do like Angel’s face during Willow’s rant though.
-This show makes so many good points about why this relationship wouldn’t work, some reasons for why it happens anyway but it doesn’t give any points for why it would work out or last.

Cangel: Rescue number 3. 1st hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
C: You did it. You saved us. I’ve never been so happy to see anyone in my whole…
And Angel doesn’t know how to react in his usual adorkable way (shut up, I love that word)

W: The reflection thing that you don’t have. Angel, how do you shave?
A: *is not amused by your line of thought* (I love his face in that scene)
-Angel kicks lots of ass and was on his way to go help the girls kidnapped by frat boys without needing Buffy.
-The lighting crew and or make up people don’t seem to like DB. A lot of the time his face is too obscured to show what his face is really doing and that pale makeup, wow it is so bad. DB seems pretty naturally pale often even in BtVS, why must you make him look bad with that awful makeup? The lighting might just be to keep Angel mysterious and aloof and whatever, but it bothers me as someone who very much likes his face and wants to see what his emoting. I know his nowhere near as good at this point as he will later be but at this point he’s decent, you don’t need to hide his face in shadows all the time.

Anti-Bangel: The ship development is so urgh to me. Angel is very apprehensive about getting into a relationship with Buffy, gets yelled at by another teenager and then they decide to go out for coffee in a non-relationship manner. Yet now it’s a date (which is fine but still silly), Buffy late, Angel is very nicely waiting for her in the Bronze even though he hates places like that, Cordelia comes around (more on that later), Buffy comes and sees them, when Angel is being all unmad about Buffy’s lateness, instead of staying Buffy goes on a ‘I’m not a normal girl’ rant and leaves Angel, with Cordelia. Then she pretends like she never met Darla or thought about what Darla means as far as Angel’s type goes (I hate the Angel only loves blondes trope but whatever, not the time), lot of the Watcher’s journal is later made into bullshit, I don’t know whether there were any noble women in Galway in 1740s or 1750s or why they might have interacted with Liam at all and then after the adventure, they just make out. I wouldn’t be so annoyed at the make out ending if that hadn’t become the standard role for Angel after this. There’s no effort to make that into more than hormones. There’s no discussion why they should or shouldn’t be together, they just are. Also, 18thC!Buffy again screams when she sees Angel’s vampire nature. Not a good track record.

Xander Harris is an asshole:
I like to think of it more as a solid foundation for future bliss.
-This is after the rejection in Prophecy Girl, and Bangel has just become official. Textbook Nice Guy TM behavior, urgh.
“Give it up, Cordy. You’re never gonna get between those two. Believe me, I know.”
-Shut up, Xander. Just because *you* can’t doesn’t mean no one can.

It’s interesting to notice how defined Cordelia is by the car motif. I love it because my newest obsession re: Cangel is cars. But y’know, Cordelia talks to Angel about cars, wonders whether Angel has a car of his own or if he has to wait for his dad to come home to get the car. And once she gets her license she becomes the driver of the Scoobies. It’s really interesting to me.
Also, on ‘come as you aren’t’ night, Cordelia is still herself. She has such an amazing self esteem, I love it and I envy it.
First time Angel gets called a bad liar.
Not a fan of how Angel describes the ‘noble women’ of his time. Again, I don’t know if it even makes sense that Angel had enough interaction with ‘noble women’ to make that judgment, he was a linen merchant’s son. It just makes me uncomfortable. I know Liam was a mess and Angel can be a mess but still. And Buffy and Willow both contribute to that so urgh.
Angel, that shirt you’re wearing in the last scene *smh*.
Lol, Angel, your face <3

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where to start with this episode?  The smiling? The laughing? The appreciation for quality leather seats in cars? The hanging out after Buffy storms off? Care Bear with fangs? “He’s a good vampire”? “They don’t know who they are.  Everyone’s turned into a monster. It’s a whole big thing. How are you?” Angel’s face when Cordy’s assuring Buffy about his goodness? There are so many awesome little moments all throughout this episode. There’s so much they had to stop giving them scenes together because they were just too awesome and they had  a Bangel ship to keep afloat.

I could talk about so many things but what I want to talk about right now is Angel’s face. Because that’s who I am. But seriously, that scene where Cordelia is telling frightened Buffy that Angel is a good vampire, despite not even believing he is a vampire in that moment, Angel is kinda interesting. It’s like he’s almost gonna apologize about it, but then she goes with the ‘good vampire’ bit and Angel’s surprised. Not sure if it’s because she didn’t know he’s a vampire or because she doesn’t believe he’s a vampire or because she’s saying all these good things. And he keeps looking at her when she’s talking! I like it.

Willow: “Angel would never fall for her act.”
-1st: Shut up Willow, what do you know about anything?
-2nd: What act? Treating him like a human being and a person? Talking about frivolous things with him like cars which he actually cares about? Keeping him company after his supposed girlfriend storms out for little reason? Buying him cappuccino? Making him smile and laugh? It’s not like we see similar things with them after they move to AtS, nope, not at all, it’s all just an act.
Willow: “She’s not his type.”
-Again, how do you know what his type is?
-I hate that Lorne and Fred get shit for being ‘in show shippers’ or whatever the term is but no one complains about Willow and her ridiculous shipping. Seriously, she sees Angel as just the romantic lead of Buffy’s love life and not him as his own person and it fucking bugs me. Because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


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Feb. 25th, 2013 01:21 am (UTC)
Ugh, after 'Lol, Angel, your face <3' I tried to put a screencap of Angel's face when he sees Buffy's hair, I love it but the post is too big so I can't add it :/.

Mar. 5th, 2013 07:50 am (UTC)
The thing I think is most significant about Angel during BtVS is that he's not really a character there. He exists only in relation to Buffy and what she wants versus her duty. That's why you never really see him in a scene that doesn't have to do with her.

Except when he's with Cordelia. Then, you see glimpses of who he really is away from Buffy and her story. He smiles and relaxes. With Cordelia, he's more himself, more "Angel". Part of that reason is that I really believe DB and CC genuinely liked each other even back then. But within the narrative, I think it's because Cordelia tended to treat Angel like a real person - probably because she had no clue he was a vampire, of course, but Angel...I think he lapped up the "averageness" of her flirting with him because she thought he was just a cute college boy. She didn't treat him any different than she'd treat anyone else. Compare that to the way Xander and Giles and Willow treated him. Like a bug under a microscope or an unexploded bomb about to go off.

I LOVE the way he allows her to take the lead in Halloween. It's like even back the, she's being his connection to humanity - the thing that bridges who he was and the rest of the world. He allows her to speak for him in a way that he never lets anyone else do.

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