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Law school Spring 2013 timetable (week 3)

12-13.30 Property Law
14.00-17.15 Criminal law
17.45-19.15 Administrative law

12-13.30 Russian 2

12.00- 15.15 International Economic Law
16.00-19.15 EU Internal Market
19.30-21.20 Legislative Drafting (luckily this is mostly online so it's not every week)

12-13.30 International and Comparative Labor law
(Russian 2 is at the same time so I have to do all that online)

Property: I like this one. Property law isn't that interesting in and of itself but my teacher is fun and entertaining. Might have to get a book for this course. Today and next week we had/have lectures about property law from human rights perspective which is really interesting.

Criminal: I feel conflicted about this course. On the one hand, the teacher is a very entertaining Russian, but on the other hand soon we're moving on to categories of crimes which means once we're done with all the different ways people can kill each other, we move on to learning about sexual crimes. I'm really not looking forward to having a white male talking about rape etc in a joke-y manner. I'm dreading those lessons but we'll see how it goes. I like the teacher and the lessons are entertaining but I'm not sure criminal law should be entertaining.

Administrative: Same teacher as with criminal law. Any entertaiment a teacher can bring to administrative law is a positive thing and  he is very entertaining. This is an L1 course, although more bad organizing because these days talking about administration in Europe without mentioning EU doesn't make sense and L1s haven't had any EU law yet. This seems to be a voluntary course but whatever, the more credits I can get without burning out the better.


Russian 2: Different teacher than Russian 1. This is supposed to be twice a week but I can't take it on Thursdays too so I'm so confused every new Tuesday. It's not starting well. I actually should be doing some Russian right now but I'm only listening to my only Russian music CD because it all feels like too much Russian to learn today. Because I had a long day and I just don't really feel like studying it. Like I didn't feel like studying it this weekend. Fuck, I gotta start doing better with this. (I can sing along to that CD but I have no idea what I am singing. Fun!)


Economic: Same teacher as Private law and law of Obligations, same teaching style, even more boring topic. Fortunately for me this course started OK since I got 8/10 from the first quiz *yay*. Not because I learned anything during the first 2 lectures but because google and the reading material&control+F. Lots to read, very boring topic. Blargh.

EU Internal Market: The better teacher from EU law. Same book from EU law too so yay! We missed w1. This one is gonna have a midterm which I didn't like at first but y'know, it's just less stuff to read for the final exam. Also 4 assignments, 3 have to be passable to get to final exam. Topic isn't very interesting but she can teach so I'm not worried.

Legislative Drafting: Mostly online. Very pleased with that. There's barely anything on the online course yet so I don't really have anything to say yet.


Labor: More with my favorite teacher! He still seems to expect more from me than some. During repetition he gives me more time to answer. Well, after I say I don't remember something, he encourages me to think a bit more. It's nice, but sometimes I just want to say I don't know and have him move on. This course is a lot shorter than usual for him. It's kinda odd. We still have repetition, then is lecture and a new feature is mini moot courts every week. We pick a case, get sides and then work on the case in groups. It's actually pretty fun. We'll have 1 or 2 announced quizzed and maybe unannounced. Need to remember to study for repetition even though my Wednesdays suck.



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Feb. 23rd, 2013 07:06 pm (UTC)
It sounds like you have some awesome classes going on. I hope you don't have too much work! :)
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