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Last Wednesday night ( Feb 27th, around 3 or 4 am) my cousin gave birth to an adorable baby boy (for now). I’ve seen pictures on facebook and he is a cutie. I hope I can manage to see him the next time I’m in Finland. Two of my cousins and my sister are his godparents  and that is awesome (fyi in Finland one can have 1-4 godparents whose role is pretty much ‘give presents for birthday and xmas until they’re about 15’ and ‘handle religious upbringing’).

 On Thursday, after I had the first unannounced quiz for Labor Law (the teacher finally got pissed enough about many not having read the core conventions of ILO), I went to the city and met up with my uncle (my Dad’s brother), his girlfriend and their friend couple. It was a lot of fun. It did so good to me (word order?)  to go out and meet people. I had some issues last week about too much free time, doing nothing, not going outside etc that was worrying but luckily that was over once I had to do some school stuff. Anyway, first we went to get some coffee and then we talked for quite a while. They were all interested in my studies and what’s it like to live in Tallinn. I either came across as a very boring student or someone who is pretending to be a boring student in front of relatives. But I actually seemed like a very sociable and open, which is good. It’s a good thing I haven’t seen this uncle that much so everything I was saying was new stuff. I really have only 3 topics I can talk about these days, fandom, school and living in Tallinn, because I have nothing else going on in my life, so it was good none of them knew about that stuff so I had lot to say.

After the coffee we went to eat. I ordered some moose with fries which was really good. They also had some wild boar that I was tempted to take, but I really like game meat and I don’t get it that much over here. They also sell bear meat, but I couldn’t eat bear, that’s just weird. How can someone eat Teddy?  Anyway, we had absolutely lovely time and I really enjoyed that. Around 4.30pm I hugged my uncle and they went to their hotel to pack because their ship left at 6pm. After they left I went and bought The Ballad of Halo Jones (because I just want comics about ladies why are they so hard to find here?) and a book about Mongol Queens written by some white guy but I hope its interesting and doesn’t have many moments of ‘wtf, stfu’.

After I got home, I went on facebook and chatted with my aunt(my Mom’s twin).  She was of course excited about about the newest edition to maternal side of my family. She then asked if I was bummed about not getting to be a godmother, and the truth is, I’m not really. Of course it would have been awesome, but I’m just not… Well, my sister is way better at kids than I am, and she would make a great maternal figure and she spends way more time with our family and relatives than I do. Some of my cousins and my sister have nicknames for each other, but I’ve never gotten one. And, really, my sister really needed this. Not to get into details (because she would hate it if I talked about her life to a bunch of strangers) but she’s been having a tough time with things but becoming godparent has really cheered her up about everything and I’m just really happy for her about that.

More school stuff, I’m not going on student exchange. The deadline to apply was on Friday and I just come to the conclusion that I just don’t want to do it right now. I’ll just finish my studies here and maybe I will take that year off and travel then or maybe I won’t. I just know that I don’t really want to go to Maastricht right now. I just want to finish things here and get back to Finland.  



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Mar. 3rd, 2013 12:20 am (UTC)
#fuck me #last week I didn't do enough during my time off and I felt all bummed out until last Tuesday #this week I didn't do much of anything on Friday or Saturday so now I'm feelings guilty #not sure which I dislike more #probs last week cos I had no idea what that bummed out feeling might lead to #guilt complex is familiar so not as bad #still hate it tho #my life in tags (from tumblr)
Mar. 7th, 2013 09:11 am (UTC)
YAY BABY! I'm so happy for your cousin, your family and for you, too! That's so interesting about the godparents. Are godparents symbolized with religion over there? Like, do you need to be baptized? In the USA, godparents are usually done at a baptism and there's only 2; a man and a woman. They play the same roles as you mentioned however. I always think it's to see the differences in cultures! :)

It sounded like a such fun time with your relatives! I've been feeling kinda "lazy" and just bummed out too. I don't like having free time and not being able to do anything with it. I've spent the past week and a half doing household things, worrying over my mom's surgery, and dwindling in Photoshop or fandom. I'm spending Thursday to Sunday curled up in my studies so it equals out. :)

I'm glad you came to a conclusion about the study board. I knew it was weighing really heavy on your heart. I think it'll be a good decision. I'd rather do something later when I'm comfortable than be forced into it. Plus, if you visited when you were traveling, it'd be a lot more fun IMO.
Apr. 30th, 2013 06:19 pm (UTC)
I've been meaning to reply to this for so long! Well, the naming party is this Saturday, so I will finally reply to this (also I'm procrastinating).

The Finnish word for godparent of any gender is 'kummi' which does not really have any religious connotations, really. While technically the job of a 'kummi' is to be responsible for the religious upbringing of a child, since Finnish society is becoming more secular, it doesn't really mean much. Again technically, in order to get to be a 'kummi', one needs to go to confirmation camp around age 14 or 15 (usually the summer between 8th and 9th grades). It's like a summer camp except you have to memorize bunch of religious things, like the Lutheran confession of faith, books of the Bible, and bunch of other stuff I cannot remember anymore (it's gonna be a decade since my confirmation this June!). It's a common rite of passage for Finns to go to confirmation camp. Since my time, I think they have secular versions of it too. Afterwards you're supposedly properly religious person or something and get a huge party and don't need your godparents anymore. I only went to give religion one last chance and for the party and all the presents afterwards :).
My cousin is having a non-religious naming party instead of a christening. I'm not quite sure why. And her first child is half-Moroccan but she has godparents, so I do think in this case 'kummi' is not a religious thing. Especialy since one of the 'kummis' has officially quit church. It's mostly a firm obligation to give the child gifts lol :). That obligation officially lasts until the child is 15 and or is done with confirmation camp.
Usually, one of the 'kummis' is the 'main one' also known as 'sylikummi' or 'lap godparent'. Basically, this person holds the baby while they get named. I'm not sure there's anything more tp it, but then my 'sylikummi' was a really lousy 'kummi' in general. Also, I never remember talking religion with any of my 'kummis' (not that I saw any of them that much) so that part of the title is pretty useless in this mostly secular country.

I hope things are going well in your life! How was your birthday? Which dress did you end up picking?

Yeah, it was good to come to a decision about it and I don't regret it. Just too much extra hassle that I don't want to deal with right now. If I can take some time of later and travel, it would be great. But right now I just want to get my studies over here over and done with. I really like Tallinn but I miss Finland and my cat and my family and everything.
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